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All-Inclusive Annual Membership

An all-inclusive annual membership
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An All-Inclusive Annual membership provides a single-user* 12-months of unlimited access to both our business valuation tool and comp search database. With this option you can do as many valuations and comps searches as you wish without any restrictions.

Don’t need the valuation calculator? A Comps Search Annual Membership provides a single-user* 12-months of unlimited access to our comps search database. With this option, you can search our comps database as much as you wish without any restrictions, but YOU WILL NOT have access to the business valuation tool.

One-Time Business Valuation

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Free Trial

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With the free trial, you will have the ability to perform one business valuation and one comps search. Final reports will be watermarked.

* Single User – each membership, regardless which one, is intended for use by one person and one person only. Multi-User Memberships are also available. Please contact us at for more information.

** One-Time Business Valuations cannot be changed once the final report is created. We recommend a Membership if you anticipate changes after the fact.

*** One-Time Comp Searches are limited to 5 NAICS Codes. We recommend a Membership if you require more codes in your search.

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